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Are you new to home exchange? We believe we have the best home exchangers in our community. If you'd like to find out for yourself, join us today and choose our trial membership. You will receive unlimited access to our site for {{number}} days to try out all the features listed below, browse our database and contact our members. You can upgrade to a full membership any time.

Site Features at

Your online entry allows you to record a great deal of information about your home and surroundings. To get the most from your membership it is essential to promote your home and its area, indicating where you are, how best to be reached and what's on offer. The more information you can give in the form of photos and text, the more it helps other members to decide that your offer is exactly what they are searching.

Photos and Descriptive Text

Intervac provides facilities for you to post up to twenty photos and write (unlimited!) descriptive text under the headings: your home, family, lifestyle and neighbourhood. Multi-lingual members often post descriptions in their various languages in order to improve the findability of their listing by keyword searches. It is all quite easy to do, there is lots of help text available on the site, and your local organiser is happy to help if you find you have questions that are not already answered.

A Map of Your Surroundings

Every listing has an (optional) Google map so that prospective partners can get a good picture of the neighborhood where your home is located. The marker is not by default placed precisely on your home. If you like though, you can place it yourself using latitude and longitude.

Search Facilities

The right combination search facility is important to your ease of finding the perfect partner. Our online system supports searching by:

  • Country
  • Region
  • Exchange dates
  • Sleeping accommodations
  • Family - number of adults, with or without kids
  • Or, any combination of the above.

Reverse Search?

We sure do, and it's the most comprehensive "reverse search" in the industry. We encourage our members to fill in as many regions and cities as they like (it's unlimited!) so that you can find all members who are specifically interested in visiting your country, region or nearest city. That's service!

Integrated Messaging System

Yes, that's right, we have an integrated messaging system that allows you to contact other members in rich text (with links!) and without ever leaving our system. You can see that a message has been sent and when it was read. Offers and answers to your messages be waiting for you to when you login and they are super easy to answer with templates in rich text - click a button.

Member Favorites

And speaking of coming back to an offer at a later date, that's where your Favorites list can help you keep track of your dream vacations. With the click of a button, you can add a listing to your favorites. Write notes in unlimited rich text in the notes section and keep track of your contacts.

Match Alert!

Here is a nifty tool designed with the frequent exchanger in mind. Tell our system what sort of offers interest you, and how frequently you would like to be notified of potential matches and we'll send you an email with up to twenty potential exchange partners. What is special about that? The settings you put in your Match Alert profile can be completely different from those in your listing! So, if you are trying to arrange two exchanges, one for Spring and one at Christmas, set your Christmas date preferences in your Match Alert profile, and we'll let you know about the hot prospects while you advertise in your listing for your Spring holiday dates.

Last Minute Listings

This is a succinct list of members looking for a partner for an exchange within the next eight weeks. Adding your listing to the Last Minute List is easy as clicking a button. Your listing will appear on the Last Minute List for four days, after which you can click to add it again if you are still looking.